Saturday, July 27, 2013

Good and Bad....

So first I will say that I really feel the effects of the Insanity workout, I completed it again this morning, the same workout as yesterday and MAN I HURT.  I didn't think I could push through it but I did and strangely I seem to hurt a bit less after?  Maybe I am nuts...  I slowed down a bit and on the moves that require more coordination I focused on one aspect of it.  I figure better to get the form right, even partially then to be flailing around like a fish out of water and just jumping around the room.

Now for the bad news.  I worked about 14 hours yesterday and they served food...  Ravioli...  grrrrr  I ate... Should have avoided the massive carbs, but I was hungry.  I am somewhat ashamed, but I think I need to be careful as my new activity level will certainly cause my body to crave energy and starving it of that is probably a mistake, so looking for advice here...  What can I do to help stave off those cravings.  My detox program has "appetite chews" that help me through normal days, they actually seem to work pretty well, I could double up on those and stick to leafy greens and lean meat/protien items...  Thoughts?

My weight is up slightly today, to 255lbs from 254.9.  I figure it's mostly the remaing pasta in my system and possibly some water retention from the salt in it... :(

I will keep pushing...