Wednesday, July 24, 2013

This has been an exceedingly trying month...  This last weekend we finally got our old house completely empty.  I will admit I have not been motivated, honestly, dealing with contract issues on my old house, the move and travel on a weekly basis have not been good for my motivation.

I am back in Minnesota, excited that my  30 day detox and weight loss pack came in...    With new tools to jump start my healthier lifestyle I got up at about 5am this morning, picked up the box waiting for me at the front desk and began reading the details of the program. 

I now realize I need to pick up a few things from the store, just some basic items.  Flax seed oil and coconut oil seem important also some kind of thermos or container to hold the shakes and such also going to pick up a case or so of SmartWater, as it is alkaline and I think will fill the needs of the program.

Right now my weight is at 258, a couple of pounds more then I was a few weeks ago, I think most of that is "junk" the Detox program should help rid my body of it. 

(A note to folks reading this, I check my weight in the morning after I use the restroom and shower in just my skivies... Probably TMI for some, but I find this is a consistent habit I can count on and a good way to get a "true" weight.)

I will also start my Insanity workout today, I was told not to mix a new exercise program with the detox program, but in the Detox program notes it stated that 20-30 minutes of exercise is good.  (That makes sense to me.)  My hotel room is pretty small, I re-arranged the furniture today to make room for the workout... :)

I want to take a minute to say why I am doing this.  I love my family, my wife and children.  I am healthy now, with the exception of my weight.  I am grateful that God has granted me this grace, as it is truly grace.  At 35 the clock is ticking, diabetes, heart problems, stroke, bone and joint problems can all be traced to being overweight.  I want to live a long life, I expect and desire to work into my 70s and I also want to enjoy life with Erica and my grandchildren and great grandchildren.  I have alot to give and want to be able to give it.  I also have a ton of very bad habits that I developed as a kid and young adult, I hope to break them over the next several months and years to live that long life I desire.

Have a great day!  You can do it to!

Your Friend,