Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Another a week out....

So it's been about a week since I posted.  I have since come home and worked with my super cool kids and wonderful wife to get us moved into our new home.  It's been a stressful week, had to finalize contractual stuff with my old house in addition to all of the moving activities.  So here we go...

The bad, I have not been consistently working out, it seems my "random" routine at home has made it tough for me to stick to that commitment.  For the same reason, I have not been 100% onboard with the detox program.

The good, I have continued to keep sweets out of the picture, have noticed that the number of portions and size of portions I wish to eat is much smaller.  I am also drinking lots of water and no soda or sweetened drinks, with the exception of an occasional gatorade. 

Moving forward, I have hooked up my scale directly to our WiFi, so no more manual weight entry, I will be leaving it here when I travel out of town.  I think  I have a good hold on what my food and exercise routine should be so a weekly checkup on weight should be fine.  I will continue to use my FitBit daily.  Additionally I am going to start up the Insanity workout again, going to push through more time in it.  I hope to lose 5% of my BMI in the next month, so now that I can measure that, I am at 34% now, so aiming for 29%.  I want to continue lose weight, but since I am working out I don't think that should be my primary measure of success, as I will gain muscle and my guess is that this will offset some percentage of my weight loss.

Be well!